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How to Vote
easy and safe

Board configuration

The process of configuring the voting cards passes through the following Steeps

Configuration of the 'voting cardTitolo' with the following data

Title and Description

The title represents the header of the card while the description means a brief and optional introduction to the vote, both will also be reported in the convocation E-Mail; once the voting is over, the title will turn green

N° of Preferences

The No. of Preferences is the maximum number of votes that a single person can attribute to the vote

Start and end date

Once the voting has started, it will no longer be possible to modify the data and it cannot be canceled before seven days from the expiry of the same

Modify - Copy - Delete

The form can be modified up to the start of the Voting, it can always be duplicated and cannot be canceled, to allow consultation, up to seven days after the close of the votes.

Title Sheet Azzurro : by clicking on the title you access the preview of the summary voting sheet and you can send the convocations

Title Sheet Green : Voting completed and by clicking on the title you can access the summary report

Configuration of Candidates and Voters

By clicking on Edit you access the possibility of

1) Change the header of the form

2) Enter the Candidates and Voters

3) Col double click on the line of the relevant Candidate and / or Voter you can modify the individual data

4) Import from CSV file (Text File with the following format: name, surname, mail

5) CSV export; To have a sample copy of the CSV it is always possible to export the sample ones

What data must be entered ?

1) The photo is optional and not required

2) Name and Surname of the Candidate and / or Voter

3) An email with which the Voter will be summoned and will receive the individual link to vote

4) An optional presentation of the Candidate only


1) View Details Allows you to access the configuration information of the board

2) Candidates Allows you to access the configuration of the Candidates

3) Voters Allows access to the Voters configuration

4) The gray buttons are self-explanatory

Election Day

Voting form

This is how the voting form with the photos will be presented, voters will be able to access it from the starting time and by clicking on Vote , respecting the number of preferences, express their vote in absolute anonymity

Voting Report

The image at the top of the page on the right represents the closing voting report. which contains some summary data that can be customized if requested with an advance of 15 days

Accessibility to voting results

For Voters : via the same link received to vote
For the Administrator : By clicking on the Voting Title once it becomes Green