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What's METIS

MetisItalia was born from the need to provide companies and the non-profit world with an online voting service

Security and Encryption

Voters' data is double key encrypted


The votes cannot be altered as they are encrypted

Secrecy of the vote

The votes are not tracked, therefore they are secret and not attributable to who voted

Voting is by invitation

The administrator generates the nominations and the list of voters which will be summoned by email


The data can also be loaded via a Csv file containing only name, surname, Email

Voting results

The results of the vote will be available to anyone who owns the Link, received by email, after voting, only at the end of the voting

Accessibility to vote

voting can be done via PC, tablet, mobile, phone

Copies of ballot papers

A ballot paper can be duplicated for easier editing and later reuse

Application test

The application is testable by default and free of charge with two candidates and 5 voters

What is Poll

is a free online survey system

How does it work

Once the survey data has been filled in, a distributable link is generated with which anyone who owns it can vote on the survey

Is it Anonymous?

It is completely anonymous, no track of individual votes is kept

Services - Elections

Our services are


Assistance throughout the Voting process, via Ticket Mail and Mobile phone platform

Refund Guaranteed

We guarantee reimbursement if the customer requests it only if the election is not carried out

CSV Assistance

We guarantee complete assistance in loading CSV streams

Election Day Reporting

We can provide customized reports if requested at least 15 days in advance

Voting Tracking

It is not possible to trace the voting preferences in any way, the only information stored is that relating to participation in the vote, and a report on abstentions will be provided

Email Sending Process

The voting invitation emails can be completely customized.
It also indicates whether they have been opened and therefore received by the recipient for correct transparency on the sending process

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Election Day

Election Day